Amplify Change

Amplify Change

Worlds in the Making- Our bodies- Our lives 2016- 2018

Body Politics- Breaking the season of silence 2017- 2019

Worlds in the Making- Pushing the Boundaries 2019-2020

Our Bodies Our Lives-Pushing the Boundaries- Extended Outreach 2020- 2021

Main Objective

  • To create new, and enlarge existing spaces for women for information dissemination/ experience sharing on SHRH, GBV.
  • Improve women’s understanding of SRHR and access to choice and decision- making.
  • Improved access to choice and agency in prevention of GBV, sexual abuse and sexual and reproductive health.

 Based on 4 years of research and advocacy work by Simorgh,  these projects address issues related to (SHRH) such as underage marriage and maternal and infant mortality; health including menstrual hygiene; child safety and security. Community level information dissemination/knowledge building activities have been instrumental in building informed understanding of the above issues among concerned communities and impacted significantly on hitherto uncritically accepted conventional perceptions and attitudes towards the issue of  female reproductive health.

Activities conducted under these projects include: (i) health & hygiene sessions (ii) Mother-daughter/Father-sons bonding and awareness sessions (iii) medical camps (iv) Skill Development workshops v) LHVs/ LHWs training workshops on pre- marital counselling vi) Awareness throughcreativity sessions/ Role plays. 

Cross religion Action Research on marriage rituals combined with Interactive theatre to challenge and open up debate on stigma, discrimination, attitudes, and laws regarding health and hygiene issues, GBV and anti-women cultural practices.

Production/publication of IEC material based on SRHR information:

  • Brochures
  • Flip card story book
  • Health Hygiene booklets/ kits
  • Flip charts

This material was developed for extended outreach of information based on SRHR. Policy Dialogues to strengthen the two-way process of information dissemination between grass-root communities, local state functionaries and legislators, and policymakers for improved implementation procedures of existing laws/policies.

Major Outcomes:

  • Movement Building:
  • Increased individual awareness and agency
  • Increased access to resources and services
  • Mitigation of myths and misconceptions regarding underage marriage, adolescent health etc.
  • Changes in policies and laws

Targeted Areas

  • Lahore
  • Kasur
  • Hafizabad
  • Gujranwala

Total beneficiaries: 2016 to present:

29, 861 population

Target population

Media coverage:

  • General Community women
  • Transgender people
  • LHVs/ LHWs/ Midwives
  • Women
  • Men
  • Sex workers
  • Youth including Adolescent children of sex workers (Boys and Girls )


Media coverage:

Statements from stakeholders:

Supreme Court Judgement:

Worlds in the Making: Pushing the Boundaries- 25th November 2020:

Theatre performance- Kiran ki Kahani:

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