This Bridge Called My Back Volume VII December 2021

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The context for this edition of Bayan has been shaped by the unprecedented and damning impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which wreaked havoc and brought uncertainty, engulfing everyone across the globe, including Pakistan. The aftermath thereof resulted in the collapse of the global economy. Keeping these considerations in mind, this issue aims to explore how the pandemic brought to light the power dynamics and heightened tensions between superpowers, and the eventual displacement of cardinal rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and international human rights conventions, exposing the existing disparities and injustices which persist in our society. Furthermore, the contributors to this issue reflect on how fear and uncertainty surrounding an unknown virus, combined with lockdowns, social distancing measures, and loss of livelihood, have exacerbated existing fault lines based on race, religion, class, caste, gender, and geography. Bayan’s newest edition 2021 Volume II, without losing sight of the fact that the fallout of the pandemic affected everyone across class, age, race, and gender, examines issues faced by women, children and marginalised communities while providing a comprehensive analysis of the resultant socio-economical, political, emotional and psychological impact. In a time where voices of fear and uncertainty drowned out dissent, the essays provide a nuanced understanding of how the pandemic impacted the vulnerable and conclude with suggestions and recommendations on how to build a more inclusive society based on equity and equality.